3 Tips To Work Less & Make More

3 Tips To Work Less & Make More

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So many of us think we have to work hard to get to where we need to be in life. I had this mentality and spent years grinding away at work and school, thinking one day I could relax after I'd received that next diploma. 

I think when we become moms, we also go into survival mode (sleep deprivation) and either it's hard to get back to a thriving state or we think we don't deserve it (that self care moms guilt is strong, right?!).

But I don't want to talk about self-care right now, you'll have plenty of time to explore those mani/pedis or wine in the tub (and all the other cliques) by first implementing these tips. I'll speak of them in the business and personal sense, since I wish I had done them for both when I first started working for myself almost 10 years ago. 


1. DELEGATE. Seriously. If my over $100,000 higher education taught me anything, it's to delegate as much as you can. Being a mom in itself, you need to delegate as much as possible. Decide what you hate doing the most and hand it over. I'll sell extra things in my home that I need to move along to pay for house cleaning or a babysitter when I need it. For business, an example is I asked who would want to run my large Facebook group in exchange for free outfits from the shop. Best. Idea. Ever. These ladies rock and do so much more now for my business overall. Can't express how grateful I am for my Lemonflower business moms!!! 

2. INVEST. Decide what part of your business or life would be most beneficial to invest in, or would make you the happiest. For business, I invested in a bomb website template that increased sales. Personally, I invested in an online trainer since I don't want to feel bad for myself for not being motivated to work out. Whatever. All I have to do is show up on Zoom and she makes sure I'm looking and feeling good. (Her name is Ana, she's amazing, here's her IG.)

3. Journal or vision board. Just with anything, my overall life and business just do better when my spiritual side is nurtured too. Whatever that means for you...For me, I write in my journal in the morning before looking at the phone and computer. I write what I've grateful for. Praying also or meditating is bomb. 


Well, that's the 3 tips to work less and make more that I've found are my magical recipe in life. If you have your own little secret and want to share with other mamas write it below! To see me and other awesome momma's in your inbox from time to time, feel free to sign up below!


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