5 Reasons To Love Wood Toys

5 Reasons To Love Wood Toys

Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned mom, it's never too late to fall in love with wood toys for your little ones! Here are our top 5 Reasons To Love Wood Toys:

1. Beautiful memories. My favorite toys growing up were wood ones. The softness and unique grains of each piece, they told a story and had endless possibilities. Heirloom pieces that can get passed down thru generations.

2. Great for developing minds. When kids play with wood it is more open-ended. They are not limited in their imagination, and will create a more calming playtime by not being overstimulated.

3. Better for the environment. We all know plastic is bad for the environment. Cheap plastic toys eventually get thrown away, but wood ones will last much longer and don't have harmful effects on our planet. Also an important thing to teach our children. #ecofriendly #sustainable #handmade

4. Wood is better on the bank. While the initial purchase price may be higher, wood is actually cheaper in the long run because the play age range is longer, it's more durable, and can be passed on to younger children or friends.

5. It just looks better. If all the above reasons weren't enough to fall in love with wood toys, the final point we'll make is it just looks better. What other toys can you display beautifully in the nursery or use for beautiful photos?!

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