5 tips to increase breastmilk supply

5 tips to increase breastmilk supply

Increase breastmilk supply for breastfeeding, nursing, or milk pumping mamasDisclaimer: We are not medical professionals giving health advice. Just sharing tips that have worked, mom to mom. 

Experiencing a low breastmilk supply is no fun. It can be be frustrating and stressful...which in turn can lead to an even lower supply! Below are the best 5 tips we’ve tried that actually worked. 

1. Eat food. Any food! You just had a new baby and are probably super tired. Oh, we remember it well....but you need to nourish yourself to be able to nourish your babe. Sometimes you may be so preoccupied with the baby that you forget to eat. Or don’t have enough hands! Grab something close, make someone bring you food, even physically feed you if needed. Keep snacks handy. Eat a lot and often. 

2. Drink water. This goes along with your snacks. You need your water bottle close by too. Breastfeeding makes you hella thirsty and you need to stay hydrated to keep that milk flowing. 

3. Get enough rest. Yes, between feedings, pumping if you are doing that, changing diapers, adjusting, when is there time to rest?! You need to figure out how to make time or else your milk supply will really take a hit. Get your partner, parents, parents in-law, friends, support system, whoever, to watch baby so you can at least get an hour of sleep. 

4. Eat soup. Yes, about eating again! For some reason, specifically soup is a common tip passed down from generations that works magic on your supply. Any kind of soup, and eat it warm. Quick trick is to stock up on broth and eat it plain or throw in some meat or veggies to customize. 

5. Malunggay or Moringa (in English) tea. I found this one out in the Philippines, where almost any woman I met told me repeatedly to eat soup and drink this tea. Wow, be careful with this one! It did indeed do the trick and my breastmilk supply got a nice strong boost that lasted about 12 hours. 

That’s it, your top five! What tips and tricks have worked for you? 

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