5 Ways To Survive Teething

5 Ways To Survive Teething

Well, it’s official. We are in the thick of teething! My 9 month old is working on her third tooth and let me tell you it is rough! As you probably know or have heard, teething is the worst. Cranky babies, crying, sleepless nights, bites (ouch), etc. So how do you survive teething?? We asked moms to share their top tips and tricks, below is the top 5. Disclaimer: not medical professionals giving health advice. Just sharing what’s worked, mom to mom. 

1. Amber teething necklaces. For some reason, and nobody really knows why (if you know please share!) amber helps reduce inflammation and pain. The babies don’t chew on the necklace, they just wear it. It also helps with drooling. For my daughter, it took the edge off for sure, but be sure to take off when sleeping. 

2. Breastmilk popsicles. Yummy! Seasoned moms swear by this one, I haven’t done it yet but can’t wait to try! 

3. Chamomile drops. Chamomile is natural and helps sooth baby, giving a relaxing effect when your little one is super distressed. A local Michigan made organic one can be found by A Spoon Full of Sugar - Herbal Remedies. 

4. Hylands homeopathic teething drops or tablets. These are also natural and contain Annica, a natural pain reliever. I give it to my daughter before bedtime when I know I new tooth is coming in. Helps her to fall asleep. 

5. Teething necklace. This one they DO chew on. When my daughter is teething, she pretty much has this in her mouth all day. I wear it around my neck so she always have something to grab for. 

Other advice moms have is to just take it one day at a time, one moment at a time. Teething is hard but it will end!! Also, one more tip (I learned this the hard way) make sure baby doesn’t have anything in her mouth, for example food or a leaf (oops) when she goes to nurse....it won’t work and you WILL get bit! 

Hang in there mamas. It gets better. What other things do you swear by to get thru a new tooth? 


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