A Yummy Pizza - Low Carb Chicken Crust

A Yummy Pizza - Low Carb Chicken Crust

For the past two weeks (and during the famous Corona quarantine of 2020) I’ve been cooking low carb and substituting sugar with erythritol & monk fruit mix.

Today my daughter and I made a delicious pizza with a low carb chicken crust! I cooked the chicken in the insta pot first in the morning before nap time. Here is the recipe we used:

Shredded Chicken Insta Pot 

We made the pizza crusts first after my daughter woke up from nap. Now I will say as a mom of a toddler, this is NOT a quick meal haha. This was a fun thing to do that took up much of our day. Since we love to cook and had the time to listen to music and prepare the ingredients, it was a really nice time.

Here’s what the crusts looked like after taking them out of the oven...

I made the mistake of doing the recipe as just doubled when I should have done triple for the amount of chicken I used (3lbs). Oh well, I'm not perfect and it was delicious! Even my uncle, sister, and grandpa ate some and liked it.  

Click here for crust recipe that uses chicken breast! 

I only had marinara sauce in the fridge, so I added some of my substitute sugar (2 teaspoons) to the sauce to make it sweeter and more like pizza sauce. 

I used a mix of sharp cheddar cheese & parmesan cheese. Then green peppers, white onion, and kale. 

It was a hit and everyone was begging for more!! Just my daughter and I are keto right now, but those that appreciate low carb enjoyed it too. 

Above is the baby one my daughter made..and below are the two that we made in total! 
Let me know if you’ve ever made this pizza and how it turned out!! Also tell me what else you’d like to read about 😊 


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