DIY Balloon Decoration

DIY Balloon Decoration

First birthday party decorations and baby or toddler party dress princess dress I made a balloon strand decoration for a special 1 year old’s birthday party and wanted to share how to do it! It took about an hour to make, and was much easier than expected. Here’s what you need:

1. Strong thread

2. Different color balloons

3. A needle

4. Scissors

First, you want to decide what color balloons to use. I did a Pandicorn (Panda + Unicorn) birthday theme so I got black and white balloons. The additional colors were pink and purple, with an accent color of silver for some depth. 

Step 1. Blow up the balloons to sizes large, medium and small. A variety of each color and size. 

Step 2. Thread the needle then put the needle threw the bottom of the balloon after where you tied it (obviously not thru the actual blown up part, it would just pop). 

Step 3. Keep “sewing” the balloons and putting them all on the long thread. Alternate colors and sizes. 

4. Hang, or tape up the display strand anywhere you like! I shoved mine into the arch and actually didn’t need any tape! 

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