How Baby Changed The Holidays

How Baby Changed The Holidays

Holiday season is upon us, and this is the first time with baby! So excited to share it with her and take loads of cute pics. But the holidays look so different now with a little one. 

First of all, we opted for a small thanksgiving, just a few of us, after deciding that the airplanes, traveling, and huge family reunion would be a bit too much for both of us. 

Second, I didn’t go out on the biggest bar night of the year. Lol. It’s funny how that was something I noticed, since I never really planned going out each year, just got invited out and you end up dancing the night away with friends or family. This year, I had every intention of putting baby to bed, and having a glass of wine and chocolate. Well, the wine was left unopened, and I fell asleep at 8pm lol. Glad I did, however, because she was up at 3am teething...

Another thing that’s different is my usual Netflix/lifetime holiday movie marathon is not very successful at the moment. I don’t usually have TV on in the background when my baby is awake because she’s a bit older now and gets distracted by it. It took me 3 days to get thru “The Holiday Calendar”. 

But for all these changes, here’s what I’ve enjoyed instead..

Reading all the library books in the whole world by the fire. Sleeping a good solid stretch from 8pm-3am. Waking up to see the sun rise over the snowy mountains. Not being hungover! Drinking coffee with hot chocolate in it and dancing the morning away. Snuggling in for a nap and catching a few moments of whatever lifetime movie. No, not the whole thing, but we are too busy making new memories together. 

P.S. Black Friday shopping is different now too. Definitely NOT going out! In our shop, buy 1 get 2nd item 50% off starts 11:59pm EST ends Friday 11:59pm. Sign up for my newetter below for additional discount codes thru the weekend. 

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