How To Make A Star Baby

How To Make A Star Baby

I am in love with these little star babies! I made one for my daughter from one of my favorite onesies of hers when she was a little baby. Was asked by Waldorf mamas to share a tutorial, so here it is!

I used a 6-9 month onesie Star baby

Cut out a star from the material. 
Leave half an inch to inch for the seam. 
Turn inside out and sew up, leaving open at the neck and bottom of hat. 
Stuff a bit of the hands and legs, then sew a loose seam. Add fluff, rice and some lavender flowers.

Stuff some fabric with fluff for head and insert into neck opening. Sew closed and sew on hat! 

 Good luck making your own star baby! Tag us on Instagram @lemonflowerboutique with your creation!

We also offer the pdf (click pic below) and check the shop for any available star babies we have ready for a new home! We also offer you to send in your loved onesie and we will make a star baby for you! Search “Star Baby” in the shop to checkout.  
Happy Creating!! 

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