How To Make A Waldorf Rainbow Star

How To Make A Waldorf Rainbow Star

I was homeschooled using a Waldorf and Montessori approach. Now that I’m a mother myself, I have been interested in exploring it more with my daughter. I’m not an expert on the ideologies, but I do remember a childhood full of nature, rainbow scarves, wood play toys, fairies and gnomes. The other day we did created a Waldorf rainbow window Star, it was fun to do together! 


Color construction paper






1. cut the color construction paper into square by a bottom corner up long ways and cutting the remaining off. Waldorf rainbow window star activity for kids2. Fold the square in half one way, turn and do the other way. You are creating creases that divide the square into 4 smaller squares. 3. Fold all the corners into the center. 4. Point a corner away from you and centered, then fold both sides to the middle. 5. Arrange the star points overlapping each other in a circle, then glue down. Front and back below. Hang in the window with some tape, and enjoy! 

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