Ketolicious Journey

Ketolicious Journey

My friend asked me “what’s keto?” when I told her my daughter and I recently switched to being “keto”. Well, it’s basically just low carb and no sugar. Our family doctor recommended it but said we don’t need too much nuts or dairy (all the super fun stuff is made with these!). 

We’ve been eating lots of soup with a bit of meat and vegetables, I made some super yummy broccoli cheddar egg bacon biscuits one morning, and another day made this morning coffee chocolate shake. I added a shot of espresso to this recipe. 

I made some blueberries waffles on the day my daughter woke up and decided it was her birthday (which we went along with...perhaps we needed a mental health birthday!).  

I made the waffles with a coconut flour recipe because I wanted to give almond flour a rest since I’ve just recently introduced nuts into my daughter’s diet. I’m not a huge fan of coconut flour I must admit!! It’s not as fluffy...

My daughter has really been digging these roasted vegetables (from frozen) that I make. Tossed in oil with some spices. Yum! 

The chocolate chips cookies are amazing!! These go quick in my house and even the non-keto family members enjoy them. In between all this cooking, we have been doing some crafts and going to the park. This was a fun bunny we made! Our biggest culinary achievement so far was a delicious spring favorite....carrot cake!!! It tasted just like it had wheat flour or sugar. Anyone remember that movie “The sweetest thing” where Cameron Diaz has a dream where all the calories were taken out of her deserts? Welcome to Keto, but with carbs 🤣 Welp, that’s it for now!! I’m always looking for stories, baby & toddler influencers, & guest bloggers. Reach out! 


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