Mind, Body, & Spirit

Mind, Body, & Spirit

Upon returning from a 2 week paradise vacation in Mexico, I wanted to maintain that fresh off the beach feeling I had when I arrived home. The sudden harsh cold weather, and imminent self quarantine just to be safe after traveling, made me feel like I was slowly losing that sunshine....quite literally!


My first reaction upon returning was that I needed structure, a schedule, to clean, to grind, to work hard to try and be happy...work. work. work. It all didn't sound too fun. Instead, I went to the store and got a beach getaway magazine and my husband and baby and I did a vision board together that included islands, beaches, smoothes, a boat, and kayaking. This was for sure more fun than cleaning and counting carbs! 

Two things brought me back to that waking up with a palm tree out my window feeling with a fresh cup of coffee:

1. My mom posted that she lost more weight in Mexico eating tons of fruit, carbs, and whatever else. As a health enthusiast, that does water fasting and is a Keto fan, this surprised her. I also lost weight eating deserts every day, multiple pina coladas, fruit, and carbs. The realization I had was that there's another more fun way to be fit and healthy, while not restricting all those fun things I enjoy eating and drinking....pretty much it's the sun. 

2. My good childhood friend commented on my IG after seeing my latest vision board that the movie "The Secret" is on Netflix! I went this morning and watch half of it while my daughter was still sleeping...so many great things I had forgotten! I first learned about law of attraction from my first business coach, and it was seriously life changing. I realized that I need to get back to that on a daily basis, and run with inspiration, so here I am writing about it. Something which I am VERY passionate about because I've seen how it can change lives. fast. 

Long story short, it's a daily practice. Waking up with gratitude, getting down to what you really want and what you know works for you. For me, it's the sunshine, it's connection, it's seeing the open ocean. It's my dear mom friends and new friends I make every day. 

The problem with battling the winter blues, is that when you feel low or negative, it just attracts the same. I've been stuck in that cycle. So far, however, starting the morning writing down a few things I'm grateful for, and seeing my vision board filled with sunshine and brought me back up! 

What do you do that's fun and effortless that keeps you filled with sunshine?

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