Moms’ Co-Working Space

Moms’ Co-Working Space

🍋 You shouldn’t have to choose between work and being a mom. 🍋

That’s why at Lemonflower Boutique we’ve set up a co-working space to support moms who want to work with their little ones nearby.

We provide enrichment activities while you build the business you’re passionate about 🌼

We have a schedule at the space for kids including art, sign language, music, and story time. Nap relaxation time is 1-2:30pm where we have mats. Kids can bring their own blanket. We do not change diapers, do potty training, or give snacks, please provide these while you are working.

We are booking for May, and TODAY ONLY for the following co-working rates:

$10 per hour - 3 hour minimum. Co-working space. (Regular price $40 per hour)

Private office- $25 per hour. 3 hour minimum. (Regular price $65 per hour)

Hope to see you soon! Click pic below to grab some time! 

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