Tips To Take Pro Pics

Tips To Take Pro Pics

One of the things we love most about brand repping or modeling is getting to be creative with the photos!

Most brands you rep for will have you send in your own pics (look out for our email announcements if you are in GR, Michigan to apply for a free professional photoshoot for upcoming collections!)

Photos for brand, however, don't always have to be professionally taken. Many of our featured products photos and pics on FB & IG were taken by mamas Just like you! 

Taking IG worthy pics will help increase your following, chances for being selected to model products for free, and special features (we offer a $10 store credit if you get featured on our home page!) 

Getting those cute pics don't have to be stressful though, actually it should be super FUN!


So here are our top tips!


1. Use natural light - if you're working inside, find a big window or door to take a picture were the most light comes in. When you turn on lights, they often make a strange yellow color in your pic so always try to opt for natural light. 

2. Brighten your photos - When working with natural light, sometimes the picture will look a bit dark. Simply brighten on your phone (be careful not to bright too much to overexpose) there are also brightening filters available on Etsy.

3. Choose a plain background - when repping for clothing brands especially, you want to highlight the outfit, not the background. Opt for the most simple background possible! 

4. Have fun - we can't stress this more!! If you are stressed, most likely your little one will be stressed too and those fun happy pics won't happen. Try to plan the shot ahead of time, but don't make a huge deal about it with your little one. Giving them some glitter or sparkles to play with, or doing a twirl or dance party can allow you to easily snap those organic moments of joy that are GOLD. 

5. You are creating memories - finally remember never to compare your pics to others. The most important thing is that you are creating memories and bonding with your little one. You'll be able to look back at those pics and remember how fun these precious moments together were. 

Pic of Lemonflower Brand Rep Harper on her third birthday! Photo credit to her mommy, go like her page to support fellow mama business owners! A. Miller Photography. 

What tips do YOU have that get you those IG worthy shots? Comment below! 

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  • Amanda

    Get down to your child’s level! Be sure to squat or sit so you aren’t getting that down angle photo and instead a more pleasant straight on shot. The angle that you are at and holding your camera or phone really makes a difference.

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