Why I’m sad my baby will start eating

Why I’m sad my baby will start eating

Went to the doctor and she said that my baby can start eating some food. We’ve been exclusively breastfeeding, so it is definitely something new. While I see fun pictures on Instagram and Facebook of babies trying their first foods and starting to eat, for some reason I’m feeling really emotional. In fact, I’ll say it, I’m really flat out sad about having her start eating! Yes, of course I want her to develop and grow and eventually one day become independent, but I feel like her baby stage is quickly coming to an end and I’m not ready. Nursing her created such a bond and I’m nervous about somehow losing that as she starts to eat foods. I also take great pride in being the sole one that is able to feed her (we don’t do bottles). The time really goes so quickly. I’m a first time mom, so all these feelings are new to me, finding the balance and new ways to be close as she starts to have new routines. Anyone else also have any of these feelings as their little one transitioned into eating solids? 

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  • Varinia Del Barrio

    YES!! I was sad yet excited when my baby started solids. I think a lot of mom’s can relate. It’s such a beautiful journey to provide nutrition for our babies and have that close-ness with them. I don’t think it gets any better than that. ❤️ I hope you the best on your new journey to come. And knowing you, you’ll be teaching her to eat yummy healthy foods. You’re an awesome mom.

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